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Duc Bieu Pham is a well-rounded and well-traveled photographer trained to solve problems efficiently and render the best possible results in any situation or place. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and now lives in California when not traveling the world.


At the University of California at Berkeley, Duc earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) while also studying business administration at the Haas School of Business. The EECS and business courses combined to hone his technical skills and logistical understanding. Along with his years as a campus tour guide, interacting with a large group of diverse people, Duc's technical, business, and people skills combine with his artistry to provide a complete, versatile photographer like no other.


Duc has traveled the world and accumulated an enormous amount of multicultural experience. While living in Paris, France, he studied at the  Universite de Paris, La Sorbonne, solidifying his fluency in French language and culture. Besides his fluency in English and French, Duc's language skills in Spanish, German, Italian, and Vietnamese have maximized his travels in France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, FYROM (Macedonia), Denmark, Norway, England, Scotland, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Australia, Argentina, and Peru. In the US, Duc's travels have covered over 40 states on both the West and East coasts as well as in the Midwest and in the Pacific Ocean (Hawaii).


Duc has studied Photography under Jim Marshall, Kate Jordahl, Ron Herman, Steve Kiser, Keith Lee, Katherine Du Tiel, Moshe Quinn, and Mike Ivanitsky. He has shot assignments for ELLE Girl Magazine, the Merced Sun-Star Newspaper, Hoop U Magazine, and the University of California.

Duc's background as an athlete (football, basketball, wrestling, and badminton) and as a musician (percussionist and drummer) empower him with unique perspectives and abilities to capture the moment in sports, action, and concert photography. Musical acts photographed include The Roots, Jill Scott, Dresden Dolls, Nellie McKay, Peter Cincotti, Jason Mraz, RubberSideDown, Tiffany Joy, Monkey, Sneaky Long, and Chris Clouse. Athletes photographed include Natalie Coughlin, Tara Kirk, Aaron Rodgers, Cheer San Francisco, Luke Jackson, Mia Jerkov, and Michael Phelps.

Events photographed include the Tour de France, Olympic and Paralympic Games in Athens, Sundance Film Festival, University of California football games (including the Pioneer Purevision Bowl in Las Vegas), Tour of California Cycling Race, South by Southwest Festival in Austin, World Cup Soccer Tournament and Love Parade in Germany, and the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh.


Duc believes in giving back and regularly donates to the following causes.

California Youth Symphony

University of California Library

Cal Alumni Association

Victor Pineda Foundation